Kill Dr. Lucky!

Sometimes, when we’re not writing or creating stuff, we work on blogging, promotion, and other things in the fun life of a writer. Once in a rare celestial event, we get to relax and play games.

If you’ve been following us, you know we play ‘electronic tv games’ on our Youtube channel, but we also play board games and tabletop games/RPGs too!

Gen Con recently wrapped up, and while we didn’t get a chance to go (they sold out!) and bother Mike Selinker like we always do, we had some friends and family get the opportunity, and afterwards, there’s always the desire to play board games.

So, Kill Dr. Lucky by Cheapass Games is a game that parodies Clue. Instead of figuring out who’s the Killer, you want to be the Killer. Sounds simple, but as his name implies, he is rather lucky. You try to waste him with weapons and spite, while the other players try to stop you by invoking the Doctor’s famous luck. We got to play this at our local game shop with some friends, and it’s easy to learn and a fun time. There are a few issues – a player skip mechanic means a player might be stuck waiting for a while, and it ultimately becomes a game of resource depletion and being able to capitalize when the group is spent.

Its humor, however, is great, and you have to follow the flavor narrative to truly enjoy the game. There really is something about a player using all their spite and rage to murder Dr. Lucky with a knife, only to suddenly be overcome with affection for the old man. It makes for some great, little humor scenes with a bit of improv, and that definitely enhances the experience.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to try to off the good doctor with my horn before he starts spinning.

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