September 2017

VKKV Contingency Cooking and the FFXV Community Cook Book

We recently had the opportunity to contribute to the FFXV Community Cook Book, created by Ignis Scientia (@CookingWithIggy). Now, I’m perfectly capable of cooking, but Kim generally has to stick to simpler recipes, so here he is, giving his how-to video for Contingency Cooking with a recipe so easy even the most hopeless chef can handle …
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The Many Variations of Takoyaki

One awesome thing about Japanese supermarkets is that they hand out free samples all the time, especially around dinner time and on weekends. People devote a lot of time to the office in Japan, so quick and easy meals are in demand, whether that means a ready-made bento or a bibimbap (because Korean food is popular …
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Why Y-Not

I love evil corporations, because they’re frankly hilarious. Ever wondered how Hoggish Greedly makes any money? I mean, sure, sometimes Captain Planet villains are after gems or something, but for the most part, they seem to just mostly be about accumulating toxic waste. Similarly, Resident Evil‘s Umbrella Corp. has a three-step business plan that looks like this: Unleash horrible …
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