Parenthood Has Gotten Stylish

I’m well aware that a lot of my parents’ friends had this expectation that I would one day grow up and take up some normal hobbies, like potluck cooking and gossiping about my friends’ grown children who still like comic book movies and those weird, Japanese cartoons. A woman old enough to be my grandmother balked when I dyed the tips of my hair blue at 22. Obviously I haven’t put down the video games, stopped staying up past midnight (or getting up earlier than I have to), or even settled in to a “real” career.

So it always tickles me when I come across things like this baby carrier. As a high schooler, there was no way in hell I was able to afford things like Tokidoki. My family didn’t do back to school shopping, and I didn’t get carte blanche on apparel for my birthday. I started working at 15, but I bought all my own electronics, so that’s where my money went. By the time I felt like I was allowed to choose my own clothes, people were asking when I was going to outgrow graphic novels and Halloween. But I didn’t morph into an entirely different person just because I graduated.

Instead I rebelled and became a crazy creative. Which just happens to be what my family kind of expected I would do from the start. They don’t seem to care (though my mom complains that my hours don’t align with the rest of the world’s). People just accept that sci-fi/fantasy writers are just children operating an adult-sized muppet from the inside.

Still, it’s nice to think that maybe society is catching up. Maybe someday we’ll all realize that adults still have quirks and hobbies, and the fact that your three month old is going to barf on it doesn’t mean you don’t want to rock some Harajuku-inspired fashion, because I, for one, am probably never going to be that into pant suits or high-waist jeans.

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