VKKV Contingency Cooking and the FFXV Community Cook Book

We recently had the opportunity to contribute to the FFXV Community Cook Book, created by Ignis Scientia (@CookingWithIggy). Now, I’m perfectly capable of cooking, but Kim generally has to stick to simpler recipes, so here he is, giving his how-to video for Contingency Cooking with a recipe so easy even the most hopeless chef can handle it, whether society’s collapsed or not!

Chilled Food Tin


Active cooking time: >1 min | Total cooking time: >1 min | Serves 1


Sometimes, you’re all alone in a demon-infested world of ruin and your bodyguard already ate all the Cup Noodles. But that doesn’t mean go hungry!


1 can ready-to-eat meal.


  1. Use the sword of your dead father (or a can opener – whatever works) to open the can.


  1. Season freely with your tears.


  1. Try not to regret everything as you eat. It ruins what little flavor there is.


Our ready-made meal label

According to KV, chilled food tins don’t taste very different from heated ones, so it’s really not much more terrible than usual!

For the mock-up can, we created a label in GIMP based on an image from the game. For the most part, you can’t see what it says, so it’s mostly made up. The font is available for download from creator inertSpark on deviantArt, so be take a moment to check out his stuff!

Iggy is working on putting together the next release of the FFXV Cook Book, so be on the look out for it. As for us, we we’re hoping to contribute an actual recipe as well, but we had a blast coming up with this one. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ll check in on the cook book’s progress!

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